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 The Jamettes!

The  Jamettes

​(They Rock)


Our Hosts and Hostesses are not only completely gorgeous, smiley and polite but they are also fabulously good at what they do.  


They actually LOVE their job which is reflected in the service our clients receive and the whole being of our ethos - to provide an amazing product and great service. 




The Jamettes can be styled several ways:



Simple black & white teamed with black, floral or white french pinny's.



Quintessential English garden party, rustic look with pretty floral tea dresses for the girls and plenty of tweed and checks for the boys.



Floral Crowns, dicky bows, flat caps, red lippy, big smiles.



Our Hosts and Hostesses are armed qith their trusty usherette trays which are used to serve drinks, canapes, popcorn, doughnuts etc from ~ delightful!


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